mobile phone plans

O2 Monthly Plans

O2 offers a number of plans with different amounts of included minutes and messages.  Depending on if you're a talker or a texter, you can get different amounts of each for the same monthly price.  All plans are outlined below. Inclusive minutes can be used to call any network, but if you use up these minutes, calls to other mobile networks will be more expensive.  Four text message credits can be used to send one picture messages.  Contracts are for 12 months.

Plan Name

Monthly Price Texter Minutes/ Messages Talker Minutes/ Messages
Online 50 19 100/50 75/300
Online 100 25 200/150 150/750
Online 200 30 400/150 300/750
Online 400 45 800/150 600/750
Online 500 Offpeak 25 1000/150 750/750