mobile phone plans

Mobile Plans from Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is the latest company to enter the UK mobile phone business.  They have a number of convenient ways to top up: online, phone, ATM, or in-store vouchers. An advantage to Tesco customers is that you earn Clubcard points with every topup.

They offer a very simple pricing structure with low fixed rates to all networks at all times.

  • Voice calls to any UK network are 15p per min
  • Texts to any UK network are always 5p per message.
  • Retrieving voicemail is 10p per min
  • Texts to foreign networks are 20p per message
  • GPRS data is 4/MB
  • Multimedia messages cost 25p per message

Tesco Mobile operates on o2's network.  There are 2 plans.  The regular plan offers discounts on calls and texts to 3 numbers of your choice.  The value plan has similar rates but does not allow international calls nor GPRS nor MMS.