mobile phone plans

Mobile Plans from Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers pay as you go and monthly cell phone plans. They have competitive rates without an expensive contract.
  • Calls cost 15p a minute for the first five minutes of calls each day and 5p after that. That's for all standard UK calls and calls to other Virgin Mobile phones each day.
  • Texts are just 3p to other Virgin Mobile phones in the UK.
  • Picture messages are only 30p to any network, anytime, home or abroad.
  • Retrieve your voicemail in the UK for free.

Calls to other UK mobile networks are always 35p per minute.  Texts to other UK networks are 10p per message and 20p to international numbers. Calls and messages to other Virgin Mobile Customers are always cheaper.

Airtime & messaging bundles can save a lot of money.  Even if you talk as little as 40 minutes per month, the bundles are cheaper than the standard rates.  Costs for the airtime bundles are as follows:

Monthly tariff 7.50 10 14 24 36
Cost/min 18.75p 16.7p 14p 12p 9p






Bundles are renewed monthly. You can easily switch between bundles, but you can only buy 1 bundle per month.  If you use it up, you will revert to the standard pricing for the remainder of the month.